Vincent R. Farallo

Department of Biology

University of Scranton

Scranton, PA 18510

vincent.farallo (at)

I am excitied to announce I will be joining the Biology Department at the University of Scranton as an Assistant Professor in August 2020! Check back for updates as I start up my lab later this year!

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at Yale University in the lab of Martha Muñoz. I received my B.Sc. from John Carroll University in 2006 and M.Sc. from the population and conservation biology program at Texas State University-San Marcos in 2009. During my stay at Texas State I was mentored by Michael R.J. Forstner while I completed my master's thesis project on the role of predation in the evolution of color polymorphism in the mottled rock rattlesnake (Crotalus l. lepidus). I completed my Ph.D. at Ohio University in Athens, OH under the guidance of Donald B. Miles in 2017. My dissertation focused on the role of micro-habitat in the evolutionary ecology of plethodontid salamanders. For example, how are micro-habitat variables affected by aspects of the macro-habitat and then using these data to determine how alterations to the environment such as global climate change will affect plethodontid salamanders.

Durring my time in the Muñoz lab at Yale University I will continue my work on plethodontid salamanders, focuing on evolutionary physiology. I will also be helping with research on Caribbean Anolis, specifically studying spatial ecology and how species will respond to climate change.